A Day in the Life of Mummy by Eva Poppy

I walked into Eva's room and sat on her bed watching her playing with her Princess Barbie's. As Jack called out for toilet paper and Franklin was busy pulling out the clothes from his draws, there was no way I was moving. For what I heard and saw over the next 5 minutes had me in tears laughing.

This is the day in the life of me told by my very observant four year old Eva. I have since began to make many changes to my life just to show her there is more to me than this. I now regularly  include the phrases mummy is busy with hard intelligent use of my brain work... daddy is cooking dinner tonight... mummy is going for a nap... I was too busy doing important things to have coffee today... I haven't seen my friends for ages... we are buying an outdoor swing and building my own retreat.

The story will be told with photos I took as she played so you can follow along. I will be writing two versions of the story. What Eva said and my interpretation. So let's begin...

Eva: Morning Daddy did you have a good sleep. I'm going to go make us breakfast in bed.

Me: Oh hello adoring husband (looks into sparkly eyes and smiles for there is no morning breath) did you sleep well. I assume yes as you didn't seem to flinch the thirteen times I got up to our children. You can make your own breakfast as I have a pile of your dirty clothes to pick up and put in the washing basket that is standing right next to them. Don't take up basketball. Love you darling and have a great day at work.

Eva: Guess what guys, I slept in your bed last night because my bed wasn't comfortable.

Me: Oh a child in the bottom of the bed how wonderful. I love being kicked and having the covers taken off my feet. Your bed isn't comfortable you say? Did you try sleeping on the floor?

(Husband unbeknownst to child in the bottom of the bed: Shall we have a quick snuggle before I go to work) 

Me: ah no thanks, I have a child's foot currently in my back and it's morning.


Eva: Would you like some cake and a cup of tea. Oh yes please. Hahahaha that is so funny

Me: Wow did you make this cake? When did you have time with trying to look after your three kids? Oh you know, I woke up at 4 am and thought I would throw together this three tiered wedding cake with pink frosting. Amazing, you just always have it altogether don't you? I try ha ha ha ha (awkward pause... yeah right) Well I guess diet starts Monday so dig in because I will only finish it by myself later watching Grey's Anatomy while the baby sleeps.

Eva: Now we have all of our friends together. Who wants a skim latte? I love everyone's dresses. You all look so beautiful.

Me: Oh no more coffee for me thanks, I have already had one this morning. So what! I have had two and will probably have at least another three before school pick up!

Isn't this nice, two social gatherings in one day with all my friends. I wonder which of my friends forgets to put on clothes when they come over for coffee? (Will have to ask Eva that one).

OK everyone, you guys had better go because I need to clean (watch Grey's anatomy) and Ken is going to wonder what I have done all day. I wonder what the kids are up to?

Eva: Oh Daddy you are feeling sick, you need to go and lay in bed and I will get you some Panadol. 

Me: Poor you down with the man flu. That's right you just stay in bed waving your sorry arsed hand around and I will take care of everything. Thanks babe you are awesome. Well I'm just trying to be a good role model so when I'm sick maybe I could stay in bed and you take care of the house... Babe BABE are you okay, you were daydreaming for a second and I really need some Panadol for my sky rocketing fever and my head is going to burst and all my body aches...Yes it must be tough resting enjoy your sleep.

Eva: Here is Daddy's medicine and then I'm going to make pasta for dinner.

Me: Cleaning up for the fourth time today. I think I might start buying paper plates. Darn it I need to feed the kids again. Why do they constantly eat, it's exhausting! Right what have we got here... Bingo Chicken Nuggets and Frozen Peas. Oh my poor kids, I will make them something healthier tomorrow and besides at least they have peas. The chicken does say 100% breast fillet, guess this is a healthy meal! Pat on the back for world's best mum!

Finally some time to myself, hidden away where no one can find me. I am also changing my name and definitely keeping this outdoor swing!

Finally some time to myself, hidden away where no one can find me. I am also changing my name and definitely keeping this outdoor swing!