The Realistic Mum

Hey I'm Kell and I really hope you enjoy reading my journey as The Realistic Mum. 

I live in Sydney with my husband and three children Jack 5 (almost 6), Eva 4 (going on 18), and Frankie 21 months (looks like he's 3 and doesn't say much). I used to be a primary school teacher which I put aside to be home full time with my kids and begin a career in writing children's books and this exciting blog. 

When I became a mum it was nothing I had thought it would be. It was so much more than what I had been told, what I read and what I heard. Not once did I hear about nights of no sleep, bleeding nipples, the end of the bikini era, eating chicken nuggets seven nights in a row and a new love of coffee and wine! Nor could I have ever prepared myself for the emotional roller-coaster that was going to endure me for the rest of my life. I still find it mind blowing to go from adoring my child to exploding and wanting to pull my hair out in less than a minute! You know the moment when you are pacing around the room begging your screaming child to sleep then staring at their beautiful face as they snuggle soundly in your arms. You don't want to put them down because you are loving the cuddle you never get. That is one giant ball of twisted emotion right there! This is the reality of being a mum, the bits you don't get told and can't learn.

I am part of a large community of mums, in which are a constant saving grace to me as my family live interstate. It is here that I decided to put all my stories about parenting the last five years to a blog and share it with others. Enjoy, ask questions and don't judge xx